Profoundly reduce decision vulnerability through transformative decision science and inclusive technology innovation.



Research at the Decision Analytics Lab empowers skilled and informed decision making with award-winning advances in Risk Literacy & Decision Technology (e.g., adaptive psychometrics, ethical risk communications, user-friendly training systems). Since 2007, our team has published more than 100 scientific papers and received 50+ research, teaching, and outreach honors, including millions in external awards and premier professional recognition for “major contributions to the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior” (2017 FABBS Early Career Impact Award; 2013 NSF CAREER Award). Our research has been featured in media including Scientific American, New Scientist Magazine, Chronicle of Higher Education, and New York Times and Wall Street Journal Online, among others.

The Decision Analytics Lab is a contributing partner of the U.S. National Institute for Risk & Resilience and the Department of Psychology at the University of Oklahoma, and a co-founding partner of the RiskLiteracy.org network, advancing ethical science for informed decision making and public risk understanding, in collaboration with researchers from around the world.

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Assessment & Prediction

Cognitive Assessment, Predictive Analytics, Psychometrics, Abilities, Skills, Biases, Personality, Risk Perception, Awareness, Emotion, Affect, Trust, Metacognition, Psychometrics, Resilience, Heuristics, Goals, Strategies, Values, Decision Making Profiles, Structural Process Models, Decision Vulnerability

User-Friendly Technology

Cognitive Systems Engineering, User Research, User Experience (UX), Learning Management Systems, Adaptive Training, Human Factors, Inclusive Decision Support, Personalization & Accessibility, Human-Computer Interaction, e-Health Systems, Interactive Design, Task Analysis, Sociotechnical & Team Analytics, Cognitive Walk Through

Informed Decision Making

Risk Communication, Risk & Decision Analysis, Risk Analytics, Transparent Decision Aids, Visual Aids & Data Visualization, Shared Decision Making,  Personalized & Tailored Information, Ethical Decision Support Standards, Nudges, Choice Architecture, Risk Comprehension, Representative Understanding, Information Bias, Resiliency, Risk Science

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