User Research & Cognitive Assessment

We conduct research and provide consulting services in our state-of-the-art Decision Analytics & User Research Suite at the University of Oklahoma. The configurable lab suite supports detailed cognitive and psychological assessment, human-computer interaction studies, and advanced decision process-tracing and simulation analytics (e.g., Human Factors, Psychometrics, Data Analytics, Decision Support, Intelligent Tutoring, User Experience (UX), Cognitive Engineering, Interaction Studies, Usability).

The Cognitive Training & Research Facility @ OU

The Decision Analytics lab is part of the Cognitive Training & Research Facility on OU's main campus, across the street from the Department of Psychology in the CATE Center. The Cognitive Training & Research Facility includes some 2500+ sqft of dedicated research space with multiple research suites, a conference room, graduate student offices, a kitchen, and participant waiting and registration areas.

Online & Field Research

In addition to our physical testing facilities at the University of Oklahoma we also conduct research and outreach with online platforms and field research techniques. This flexibility allows us to study and collaborate with people from around the community and around the world, including industry-sponsored collaborative research in multi-million dollar simulators. Since 2012, we've facilitated high-stakes decision making research and outreach with more than 100,000 people from 167 countries.

Predictive Analytics & Process Tracing

We specialize in integrated experimental, psychometric, and cognitive-process tracing techniques (e.g., eye-tracking, protocol analysis, cognitive assessment). This approach allows us to develop robust explanatory and predictive models of the cognitive, social, and emotional mechanisms underlying skilled decision making and resiliency (e.g., a reverse systems engineering approach).


Human Subjects Research

We use experimental, user experience, and behavioral science techniques for lab and field research. Observation rooms are equipped with remote controlled audio and video recording equipment that support cognitive, behavioral, and social investigations. Experimental research is conducted via computer-based platforms, serious games, adaptive training, group negotiations, mock consultations, crisis simulations, and multi-agent behavioral economics protocols.

Department of Psychology

The Decision Analytics Lab is a member of the Department of Psychology. Located on the top three floors of OU's Dale Hall Tower, the Department is home to 30+ faculty and affiliates, and 60+ graduate students, serving 1200+ psychology majors & minors. Specializing in cognitive, social, industrial-organizational, and quantitative psychology, faculty and students routinely lead research initiatives sponsored by the NSF, DOD, FAA, NIA, NIH, NOAA, NAS, and others. OU Psychology


National Institute for Risk & Resilience

The Decision Analytics Lab is a member of the National Institute for Risk & Resilience. Founded on the OU Research Campus in 2015, NIRR is an umbrella organization that facilitates collaboration among OU research centers, individual scholars, and external partners on risk-related teaching, research and outreach. Together, we use interdisciplinary approaches to understand and address major societal risks, increasing the resilience of communities and society in the face of natural, technological and human hazards.


Interdisciplinary Collaboration & Training

Complex and evolving social and natural risks cannot be addressed through singular approaches. To effectively understand these risks, offer relevant policy solutions, and increase our resilience, our Lab partners with collaborators at NIRR. Together, we develop innovative approaches and technologies that cross disciplinary boundaries, and facilitate teaching, research, and outreach activities with practitioners, private partners and students.


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