Graduate Studies

Do you want to push frontiers of high-impact risk literacy and informed decision making research? Are you ready to develop world-class expertise in psychology, cognitive science, quantitative modeling, and behavioral insights research? If so, you may be an ideal candidate for the Psychology PhD training program specializing in Cognitive Engineering and Decision Psychology at the University of Oklahoma (i.e., Cognitive Program).  You can learn more about the department and program at OU Psychology. Please contact Dr. Cokely to confirm openings and for other advice at least 1-6 months before you plan to apply, and please feel free to contact any of our lab members if you have additional questions.

If it's your calling to change and empower lives by advancing the frontiers of decision psychology, we want to hear from you!!


We routinely have grant-funded post-doctoral opportunities for training in Decision Psychology & Cognitive Engineering for scholars interested in advanced specialization in Risk Literacy and Skilled Decision Theory. Post-doctoral scholars have opportunities to collaborate with researchers and faculty in the National Institute for Risk and Resilience. Post-doctoral scholars are also prepared to compete for high-demand industry-positions in Cognitive Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction, and User Experience, and will have many opportunities to work on human factors projects with federal and industry partners from around the region (e.g., health, weather, aerospace, energy, and technology). Ambitious, well-qualified individuals who are interested in advancing the frontiers of risk literacy research are encouraged to get in contact with Dr. Cokely.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

There are currently multiple openings for undergraduate research assistant (RA) in the Decision Analytics Lab at the University of Oklahoma. Undergraduate alumni have over a 90% success rate with applications to leading graduate and professional programs in fields including psychology, medicine, law, education, social work, political science, media, business, computer science, and others. RA experiences also provide skills and connections that can help facilitate transition to paid internships and immediate employment after graduation. For more information please contact the Decision Analytics Lab RA manager, Mr. Vincent Ybarra.

Internships & Research Exchanges

Since 2010, we've hosted more than a dozen short-term research exchanges (e.g., community college students, international students, Fullbright scholars). Students and early-career scholars who are serious about science for informed decision making may be eligible for a research visit or paid internship. Interested scholars are encouraged to contact Dr. Cokely to discuss opportunities and other requirements.

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